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About Me

So what is there to know about me, and why am I writing this blog?

Good question!  Read on to find out more than you really want to know …..


Writing My New 40 is a few things…. like expressing myself creatively, maybe sharing a few helpful ideas or resources, sharing a little humor, and I’m certainly never short on opinions!  But mostly, it’s about getting unstuck.   Besides, all those online personality quizzes that I’ve seen on Facebook have told me that I should be a writer or photographer.  What the heck, I think I’ll try both!

 My Life’s, um, “highlights” ?

  • I’m the oldest of six kids and grew up in a military family.
  • I’ve lived in different parts of the country and have visited several countries outside the U.S.
  • I’ve been married to the same man for more than years
  • I’m a proud mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother.
  • I’m a college educated professional who has worked most of my career in corporate management.
  • I’ve experienced joy in my life and some tragic heartbreak, too.

These experiences and roles are woven into my personality.

But I am still more than that

Although I studied Secondary Education & French in college initially, I moved on to earn a business degree.  I began my professional career in an environment that was structured, regulated, and not creative, and that hasn’t changed much over the years.   I’ve been successful and rewarded but, after more than 30 years of the corporate world, I’m tired.  Tired of living by clocks and calendars.  Tired of the 12 hour days spent mostly sitting – on the phone, in meetings, working on a computer, in an artificially lit environment, and in my car.  Tired of spending 3 hours of my life on a freeway each day!  But how does one change gears at this point in life?

This is my next chapter!

Experts tell us we need to step out of our comfort zone and take risks if we want to shake things up and change our life.  Get unstuck!   That’s not new advice, but something I’ve finally started taking seriously.  I started a website, Snappenin! Photography, selling some of my photos and photo art.  Talk about getting outside my comfort zone!  I knew zero about setting up a website (well, still don’t actually), I’m certainly not a tech expert, and I’m not the most outstanding photographer around, so I was definitely insecure about it – and still am.    But I’m learning and growing by trying and, most importantly, I feel renewed when I work on my creative projects!  It opens my mind to other activities, interests, and relationships.  It has already changed my life.  I’ve made more mistakes than sales on that site, and recently decided to close it but am still selling my art prints on a website that does all the sales work for me – Fine Arts America.

So back to the first question about this blog…..

Why?    (not to be read with a loud shrieking voice, please)   All I can say at this point is, why not?!   It’s time to get “unstuck” and learn more about who I am. After all, that IS what the online quizzes tell me I should do, so it must be true, right?  I hope you’ll join me on the road to wherever the heck it takes us!