Hmmmmmm —–

Things that make you say, “hmmmmmm……….”

A few months ago we took our grandsons out for ice cream.  While the older one helped Papa at the counter, I sat with Jax, who had just turned four.  He was bouncing around in his seat, telling me all about his day at preschool.  He said something about his friend, Casey, and the conversation got very interesting, very quickly….

Me:    Who is Casey?

Jax:  My friend

Me:  Oh, he’s in your class?

Jax:  No

Me:   Oh, so you played with him on the playground?

Jax:   No, we don’t play

There was a growing thought here ….. but he was just barely four, so maybe it was a communication thing.

Me:  What does Casey look like?

Jackson stopped spinning in his seat, looked at me for a long few seconds, then replied,

He looks like you.  But he’s a man.

Ummmmm… Ok, saved by the arrival of the ice cream!

That was the end of the conversation.  Then, on the drive home…

Jax:   Mimi, did you see that ghost?

Me:   What ghost?

Jax:   The one standing on the road back there.

Me:   No, I didn’t.  Did he wave to us?

Jax:   No

Well, okay then.

That was the end of that conversation!  It gave me chills, and I didn’t want to continue encouraging what would no doubt end up in quite a tale.  This child has a very, very good imagination.

But –

My daughter told me that there is no Casey in his class, and she’s never heard him speak of anyone by that name.

Welllll, alrighty.

I went home that night and emailed my sister who stopped communicating with everyone in the family, about 7 years ago and I have no idea why – there was no argument, or discussion, just suddenly no communication at all.  I sent a short message to her last known email address, with no idea if it was still active.  Probably not, but I had to try.  I wanted to find out if she was ok.

Why was that so important?

Her son, Casey, died just before his 2nd birthday, a little over 30 years ago.

This sweet baby was very sick and lived in a hospital for almost his entire short life, but brought sweetness and light to all around him.  He didn’t look like me, with his fair skin and light hair, and he wasn’t a man.

Jax has never heard us mention Casey, and at this age, he still doesn’t know about his cousin.  (He’s never even met my sister.)

To this day, he has never talked about Casey again.

This was also around the time that we were moving, and I had just seen Casey’s picture, when it fell out of an album when I pulled it out of a box.  I hadn’t seen that picture in quite a while.

Does it mean something?   Maybe.  Maybe not.

But it’s definitely one of those things that makes me say, “hmmmmmm……..”


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