Let’s Do It!

Thank you all for your motivation and support in my last post, in my quest for a healthier life!  The comments on this website, my personal FB and the My New 40 FB, page meant more to me than I expected.

So… here’s a way we can continue that conversation for all of us who want to get started.  I created a Group on the My New 40 Facebook page just for this.  We can share what works, what doesn’t, tools, links, programs.  We can share progress if we want to, frustrations, support, and encouragement.  Hopefully we can laugh along the way!

I personally have set a 60-day goal for myself.  Maybe you have something, maybe you don’t.  It doesn’t matter – this group is to help us all find and share encouragement and inspiration for whatever we want to do to improve our lives.

Will you join me?   Let’s do it together!

And let’s hope I set this up right……



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