One Down

One week down, and only seven to go for my first goal.

I have now completed a full week of this crazy plan to reclaim myself.

Good news:  I’ve lost 2 lbs!  I already feel a little more energy, and just overall a little better.

Bad news:    I haven’t lost any inches.  Yet.

I have learned a few things already, so thought I’d share.


The Right Stuff

As much of a struggle as it can be to get into yoga clothes (especially the dreaded sports bra!), it’s worth it.  Really, even cheap ones are better than trying to workout in your regular casual clothes.  I tried it both ways, and definitely will be headed to Target for more stretchy stuff.

I also learned that my wrists can’t handle much pressure any more…. age, injury, and a touch of carpal tunnel just won’t let them support me.  I found some great wrist supports that I really like:


Mirrors Lie

I’ve sometimes looked at the way people are dressed and wondered if they don’t own a mirror…. or if it’s just that they don’t quite realize what they’re seeing.

The brain is like a mirror, it can be very selective about what it processes.  For example, you see some beautiful mountains, and take a picture.  But when you look at the picture, it’s completely different than what you expected – the power lines and buildings show up more than the mountains.  Your brain focuses on the things you like or want to see, not all the other clutter.

A camera, however, is brutally real.  It processes everything it sees, not just what you focused on.

Every. Little. Or big. Thing.


I want this mirror!


And that is why I’m not showing my “Before” pictures yet.  HOLY COW!!!!    I’m my own worst critic, but even I could not believe how awful I look in those pictures!

Then I remembered, there is a reason I spend so much time looking for the right clothes to camouflage certain things.


Don’t Lie to Yourself

Fortunately, I genuinely do like healthy food and I wasn’t eating a terrible diet, just not as balanced as it should be.  Once I decided I would do better, I’ve been kind of surprised at how easy the transition has been.  So far.    But I know I’m going to need some recipes to add variety so I don’t get tired of eating all those veggies.  I mean, no matter how much you like them, you can only eat the same thing so many times before you’re over it.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments!  At least once a day, my mouth goes a little crazy and works very hard to convince my brain that I MUST have chocolate ice cream!  Or that I really NEED those Dorito crumbs in the bottom of the bag in the back of the pantry.

My willpower has gotten a little lazy and tired over the years, and is quite happy to look the other way.  BUT, thank goodness there is a rational part of my brain that’s still functioning!

Thanks to my friend Sebra Lynne, I started using the My Fitness Pal app to track my daily progress with food, exercise, and even water.  So when my mouth gets crazy and overruns my willpower, the rational brain cells make me pick up my phone and login to the app.

I put in the food that’s screaming my name to see what it will do to my day’s allotment of calories and basic nutrition. (This app has an amazing database of food built into the program!)   Is it really worth having 6 Doritos instead of an entire dinner later?  Why no, I don’t believe it is.

I really do this, it has been a huge help in overcoming the urges.  But it will only work if you use it and don’t lie to yourself!  Don’t cheat! Enter everything.

You’re only hurting yourself if you give in to the crazy mouth.


It Ain’t Pretty, and Keep the Dog Out

Nope, it ain’t a pretty sight.  Me, in tights, trying to keep up with the instructor.

In yoga class, I found I really like the back corner.  I can’t see myself in the mirror (a horrifying distraction at best), and no one is paying attention to me at all.  What little athleticism I once had is now transformed into one big “fail” video!

These kids are better than me……if that gives you any clue


Using the DVD at home is even worse.  There will never be mirrors in this room.  The door is shut and NO ONE sees me working out!  Seriously, if David sticks his head in the door, I stop everything.  For some reason, though, he’s only done that once.   Was it the dirty look, or the snarling, that made him back out so fast?

What I feel like doing it


Oh, and keep the dog out.

He might try to like your arm pit while you’re on the floor struggling to get up, or twist into a pretzel shape, or whatever it is you’re really supposed to be doing.

Yuk. And totally distracting.

Or she just thinks you‘re playing a new game with her….


What’s next?

Yesterday’s workout was titled, “Sweat”.  Yep, that’s what I did, alright.  It kicked my ass!  I couldn’t keep up with all the moves, and couldn’t finish.  I was shaky and queasy for a few minutes when I stopped.  But once that passed, I felt pretty good.  Really!

Still, these workouts are not going to be enough to do what I want, so I need to step it up.  Haha!  Get it? Step it up?  My Fitbit broke, so next is getting a new fitness tracker, and getting back to walking at least 10,000 steps a day.  Right now, that goal will include the workouts.  When I can do it all without puking, the 10,000 steps will be in addition to the workouts.


Misery Loves Company

Not just a trite saying, it’s true.  I’m really not miserable, I feel pretty good, but I do love company!

In case you didn’t catch this before, I started a closed group on Facebook for anyone who wants to join.  I haven’t found a way to do that on this website, so FB it is!

Everyone is welcome!  Click here to get to the page (you have to be on FB though):

A closed group means that only members of the group can see the comments that are posted.  If you’re not a member, you should only be able to see who is a member but none of the comments.

You share what you want to share, hopefully get some motivation, useful tips, and maybe a laugh or two.  As I said, everyone is welcome.  The only “rule” is that we treat each other with respect.


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  1. Sebra Olsen | 3rd Sep 17

    Awesome post and as always, thoroughly entertaining and educational! I loved the pics and videos too! You’re doing great, Jan!!!! Like you, I locked myself in the room and wouldn’t let anyone witness the crazy sweating and struggle! When I started my PiYo video, I made it 16 minutes before I had to stop! I promise in about 6-8 weeks, you’re going to ask David to watch part of your workout! You’ve accomplished way more than I did in my first two weeks when I did this in 2012. Regarding food and diet, what is your greatest challenge? Is it sugar, snack foods, dairy, sweet drinks, ice cream, carbs? Just curious if our problem areas are similar. YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!!

    Also, I can’t tell if this is posting in the FB group or if this is your blog. Man I’m having a hard time with simple technology lately!

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